My name is Norbert Kéri, and when I'm not making new keyboards, or writing software that just ends up making my life harder, I play board games, and computer games. I have grown bitter with the flaming pile of garbage that is the state of "gaming journalism", where if you go to any gaming related website, you have to slog through piles of ads, cookie banners, and "we value your privacy" bullshit, just to read a lazy, paid review, to lure you in to buy the game, so that the game's publisher keeps paying the site.

But not me, I don't give a shit if you buy the game or not, because I don't get paid for this. I actually don't make a single cent out of this blog, so you can be sure that I am as objective as I can be. I would like to recreate the feeling I got when I was reading gaming magazines when I was young. My reviews don't really follow a structure, I touch on things that I find interesting, or important, and I'm not rating games on any kind of point scale, so you have to read the articles, and make decisions for yourself.

You can be sure as hell that I will be calling out lazy ports, crashing bugs, hidden microtransactions, DRMs, and other exploitative, anti-consumer behavior.

If you are interested in my eternal pieces of wisdom about programming, you can also check out my programming related blog.